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Re: End of September News Roundup

Or maybe each of the empire specific vehicles will actually change the way people play, and make it a meaningful decision to play a certain empire if you are really into vehicles?

I love the idea. NC Reavers are going to be big, badass aircraft whether they are air-to-air or air-to-ground. Likewise, TR Mossies are going to be sleek and quick. However, their effectiveness can still be different but equal. Such as if the Mossy had a weaker chaingun while the Reaver has more powerful cannons. Or because of the speed different, the Reaver shoots a strong homing missile while the Mossy shoots more inaccurate cluster-rockets.

It was really cool how despite the same vehicle and attributes, the Deli variants had different weapons making them essentially different vehicles altogether. They're taking that concept and running with it, rather than giving all of the existing vehicles paintjobs. How many empire specific vehicles were even in PS?

Deli/Sundy variants
Assault buggies
Medium Tanks

Can't think of any more. No planes, for certain.
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