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Gratz arakiel. I've seen you bout 3 times. The first time I was in infie suit and I saw you and said. Hey its the guy from PSU so throwing all of my normal cloaker caution to the wind I chased after you desperate to kill you and post it in my sig :P. Sigh, alas you ganked me with your sweeper. I have also seen GODJOEY and I killed him with my AMP. I know you guys worship godjoey and stuff and I admit he is quite the player but I would like to refer you to this site . It seems that godjoey and his clan are quite the cheaters. It hasn't been proven in PS but him and his cronies cheat lots in MOHAA. Although if you look enough on their forums you will find a post about godjoey using additional names that he made to praise himself on the OF .
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