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Originally posted by Spider
Wow feel the <3 Arakiel.

Nice to see the tradition of newb assholes carries on. hm Jman and Cirkusphreak?

Don't think because your a contributor that you won't get banned carry on with your trolling and it is emminent!
LOL...Spider is being a hypocrite for posting that I am trolling. I was just commenting on Arakiel's post. Because he's was bragging. We can all see that when we look at people's stats. We don't need people to post them then brag about how they have this or that. Besides Spider, I wasn't the first or only one that feels that way. So get off your high horse and stop accusing people of trolling when you yourself are doing the same thing by posting crap....(no pertinent info). I admit I am guilty of it (this post is an example). I like modesty. When people brag, expect to be razzed
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