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"Each faction gets a unique chassis that can be customized. Attach the immolation cannon and then drive while the gunner makes with devastation. Yank out the gunners seat and you've got yourself a nimble fighter with jump jets. All told, there will be five pilot-controlled weapons, two or three gunner controlled heavy weapons, and a slew of upcomming enhancment pods. Each chassis is yours to tweak as you see fit, and you can save different loadouts for different combat occasions. For instance, there are NTU siphons that drain energy from enemy outposts, and we hear that a cloaking device is in development."

Sounds a hell of alot like some sort of outfit merit commendation, as for what you use to purchase the pods, im guessing personal outfit points, and maybe the outfit leader purchases the BFR, and you can customize it with your outfit points, and spawn one from a vehicle pad every hour or so. Thus making this 100% outfit oriented, you won't see any lone rangers with this thing, as it will require teamwork, and an outfit to acquire.

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