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The Dep, and Sep situation

I posted this to the long thread that dep started the other day, just thought I would start a new thread, so people who didn't want to read a novel could see it.

Well this has been a interesting read...although I didn't take time out of my month to read the whole thread Dipietro, I will talk to Spork sometime today to see what's up in your case, and why it was taken to this measure of you getting banned from game. Even though I agree that you should have been banned from the boards, along with Serpus...since both of you in my opinion flammed on the official boards. But might I give you one, slightly small piece of advice....even if you feel wronged, you do not go into a discussion with threatening legal action. That does, instantly kill any further possibility of smoothing out the situation, and only brings it to another level. I am just a artist on Planetside, and will just look into this to see how it got to where it don't expect anything, if I can help I will. But everyone, it is not your job to shut down flamers, all you do is add to the flame (hence the name) , and if you don't honestly like someone, or the particular thread that they started, then you have the power to move on, ignore it..and just play the game. Talk to you guy's in game...or if your on the wrong team, I won't be talking Later.

P.S: If anything people, I hope you all learn that trying to take the situation into your own hands, does nothing but cause further problems...mainly for you. So use this as a prime example and just have fun in Planetside...cause at the end of a day its just a game.

P.P.S: Just wanted to add, a great game, but still just a game
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