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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
I don't know about the professors but statements like the one you just made there do not make you seem like a rational person with which to have a productive discussion.


And you would have done just fine in the US. You don't need to be in the 10% to go to college, but if you were in that 10% you'd be going to the state university of your choice for free. There's also local colleges, online colleges. The limit is not the money - its your own desire and effort.
No i'd be a lifetime in debt under ever increasing interest rates. Such a inviting prospect.

Individualism is a tough call for a nanny state supporter, but imagine for a second a world where people actually worked for what they have. Think of it, a situation where you control your own destiny and you actually get to keep the stuff you earn. It's yours.
Oh so you are against free education? you have to work to learn to read! Get a job and pay your own way through despite having to have a full time job to get enough money to live and to pay for the education. Imagine the inspiration they will serve to those who cant read!
Really, its not like they are handing out degrees for free, you still have to work for them. Except you wont have to work a job at the same time in order to feed yourself and you can concentrate on your education.

Sure the free ride get-everything-handed-to-you is less effort, less productive to society, and could get you by, but that's as far as you'll go.

Since you seemed to use it as an example of a better society, Britain has less socio-economic mobility than the United States. Fewer people move up the socio-economic ladder than in the US. All that health care, handouts, gunlessness, and free-ride education doesn't do anything to improve people's lot in life. Maybe there's more to success than trying to balance the scales, eh?
Hey, at least we dont have people going bankrupt for the sheer temerity of getting an illness, Still in the top-10 economies and four times less murders than the US.

At least with our system, people have the opportunity of a level playing field with the rich. If people dont take it, sucks for them.
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