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Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
Sick people should die, like God intended to. That's why he made them ill. Curing their ailments is an act of blasphemy, and therefor health insurance should be forbidden, or at least restricted to those who formally accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Wrong way around. Christians who believe in the healing power of Jesus should be excluded care, and should have a cross branded on their neck. That way, unless their head has been cut off, doctors can see that the person declines treatment. And the rest of the world can enjoy the benefits of modern medical science knowing that silly religious wackos think its evil. Or whatever religious symbol for whatever religion the person practices, I guess an empty circle for atheists who don't believe in medical care. I'm obviously not being serious here.


I still go back to the for-profit systems that make health care so expensive.

-Education as a for-profit system makes it too costly to become a doctor without getting deep into debt, and the societal notion that one can become rich being a doctor helps facilitate a steady influx of people who want to be doctors for the money and not because they want to do it.

-Research is a for-profit system that demand to break even regardless of how bad a product they produce (high cost of R&D), and an added penalty is that companies keep all research in-house so there is no collaboration of research and studies for anything.

-Insurance is a for-profit system that will keep hospitals from helping you if you don't subscribe to a monthly fee, and all insurance companies exist to do is reduce the cost of things that should already be provided at the reduced price.

-And of course for-hospitals will deny care without insurance, because they exist to make money off suffering instead of genuinely existing to treat people.

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