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people rely on hit indicators to much there should be no hit indicators because just through a grenade behind ever corner and getting lucky and hitting some one is stupid. You have to rely on skill to win no just by hitting some one and not see them, if you hit them you should be able to see them. This game and every other game that has hit indicators are like handicaps and should not be in game, please tell me why there so tactical and are better to use then to find some one with a grenade?

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Anyone arguing AGAINST hit indicators has clearly forgotten this is an MMO and we'll all have varying amounts of ping. Without a hit indicator it is incredibly difficult to know how far/fast you need to lead a target to compensate for your individual ping to the server at that specific moment in time.

I'm getting sick of this whole 'immersion' argument. It's a GAME. And many, many games were ruined because someone thought realism was more important than balance and mechanics.
Yes yes, the whole "lag" issue. lets just wait until beta and see this "lag" and how bad it is, and realy if we were to take out hit indicators out of black ops people would still do just fine they would however be fooled by the grenade not hitting any one deal. I am relay sick of hit indicators relay people rely on them to much.
I am prone to arguments and that death takes to long to re-spawn so I won't die. I just kill any one I meet so that they can't kill me later.

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