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Empire based fansites

Hello there!

I'm the creator of, a dedicated fan site specifically built as a home base for all Terrans. My goal was to build a community site in efforts to bring all mighty Terrans together under one unified banner. This will be a place to recruit new members, advertise your outfit, show off your websites, videos, screen shots, and whatever else you'd like.

I also have a Facebook Fan Page with over 200 likes in one week! From there we post the very latest intel gleaned from PS2, and now PSU (with appropriate link backs), Twitter too, for those so inclined to use that service, and a YouTube channel of mine with over 380,000 video views, and 1500 subscriptions!

We are in need of new members to help our community grow, so if you are a mighty Terran, please sign up and help us spread the word!!/Terran_Republic

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