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Sniper rifle trail

Okay, so I have an issue with nearly all shooters and tracer fire. As if hit indicators aren't enough, unnecessary tracer fire gives away your position nearly all the time. I have a special issue with sniper rifles and this trail they cause. Yes, snipers can be annoying, but snipers have a purpose: to scout, to remain hidden, and to take opportunities. So anyone who's been playing the game, is there any hint of a sniper rifle's "tracer" round? Wondering because it's already been said that it'll take two good hits from a sniper (once for shields and once for headshot) to kill, so I think that the tracer is going to be unnecessary, especially given the fact that if a sniper drains your shields, your first thought should probably be "Oh, *expletive*! Hide hide hide!" and not "Now where is that camping *expletive*?"

Or am I the only one who has this issue? I feel that a sniper should be unseen and unkown, and I wouldn't feel the least bit annoyed that a sniper got the better of me.
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