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Questions for Pro7

Okay folks, heres the deal:

Myself, and a whole bunch of other PSU folks, will be at GamesCom.
Besides Higby and T-Ray, there will also be a whole bunch of Pro7 folks, as well as god knows who else.

Now, we all have concerns and questions about the whole Pro7 deal, and I will try to get you answers on them.

For that, i need your questions. Rants in this thread will not just deleted, but also greeted with a Warning and/or Infraction. This thread is simply about questions for Pro7, the rants shall go in the other thread. :>

Question 1: If we have Pro7 accounts linked with our SOE accounts then I take it we have to authenticate our logins via a server in Germany even if we are playing on the US servers? I remember that this was an issue with Werner back in the day where the client had to go across the Atlantic in order to authenticate and make sure that the player was still logged in, this caused unnecessary lag and connection problems.

Question 2: Can we still contact SOE support or will be told to contact Pro7 as SOE cannot help us?

Question 3: We will no longer be able to buy station cash and will have to buy Pro7 deutsche marks or whatever they have. If I were to buy some Pro7 currency can I spend it on a weapon/attachment/camo etc on the US server?

Question 4: Sort of following on from the last question. If I buy something then can I use it on both sets of servers or do I have to buy it twice?

Question 5: In the event that the partnership between SOE and Pro7 comes to an end what guarantee do we have that our accounts will be transferred back over? In Planetside 2 my account will contain all my stats, unlocked weapons (some that I may have paid for) and of course my characters that I will have spent a long time building up. I would like a guarantee that if the relationship does go south then all my hard work will not be for nothing.

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