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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
I did. My assertion is that your argument lacks objectivity; my evidence is the complete and utter lack of any empirical data. Allow me to provide an example:

"People are leaving the game because they don't like getting OSK'd by snipers."

What data can you provide that points to snipers having such a detrimental effect to new player morale that it's producing a note-worthy influence on population hemorrhaging rates? Do you have anything at all to offer beyond anecdotes? If all you have are anecdotes, I can provide plenty to the contrary.
You've proven yourself that there's no alternative to 'anecdoctal' examples. I asked you for 'sources' or 'data' (your words!) and you can't come up with any list, not even a single one. I was hoping you'd figure out by now, but I guess not. If you can't come up with 'data' or 'sources' that would appease you yourself, then why are are you asking me for it?

Secondly, If I were to say PPA is overpowered, is that really personal? Balanced gameplay benefits everyone, and is something I've advocated since launch (check my old posts if you wish). All I need is get hit by it and see its context within the fight. The devs dont' play the game. That's why they are nerfing just the ammo to see if the other attributes of the PPA is really OP.

They will then will a week or so, until they have enough numbers and dots to show if it really is the monster it's maligned to be. I've listed its advantages. It's a perfect ammo weapon, now with average ammo pool with the 'nerf'.
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