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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

They have to fix Redeployside and restore the old Resource Mechanics (in the interim if they are making a new one).

The Flat Resource system is just destroying the game. How bad is it?

Just put it this way. Take the Flat Resource system and stick it in to World War II. What do you get?

World Peace.

All Japan wanted is to be a legitimate world power. In able to achieve that, they need natural resources. Hence, they've become imperialistic.

With a flat resource system. There would be no reason to invade or expand.

Same with Germany. All of Hitler's megalomaniac dream of expansion, domination and genocide eastward for that 'Living Space' would be for nothing, if they get flat resource in the end.

That's right. Take the most vicious war in the history of humankind and combine it the Planetside 2 resource mechanic. And you get peace .

So, what is a peace stimulator like a Flat Resource system doing in Planetside 2? Instead, they need to add mechanics that stoke fighting.

Example: Supply Crate Airdrop Reward for Alerts. ( ). Don't lock the continent after an alert and continue the fight with the airdrop minigames.
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