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Originally Posted by Warhound View Post
God forbid power plants have to conform to EPA standards and guidelines.
The EPA exists to maintain its own existence.

Plus coal fired plants are extremely inefficient and harmful as is so cracking down on them is justified.
Depends on how you measure efficiency. As for harmful, they can be, yes.

Government has everything to do on U.S. soil nothing abroad admittedly greener energy option should be sought and aggressively pursued but alas there quite a few limiting "factors" in our government that hampers this.
The fact of the matter is you can't force a market shift, the market has to demand it. That is why green energy fails, it costs too much to implement.

You cited gas prices going up because of Obama; I said he doesn't control and cant control over seas speculating and price setting. If anything my dear boy its not his fault its the companies that try get as much profit as possibles fault.
Prices would drop by a minimum of a dollar if the Keystone XL was allowed to finish (BO stopped that one) and the offshore drilling was continued. Not to mention our strategic oil reserves also known as American resource greed.
Post at me bro.

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