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HalfMan, you pay next to nothing for petrol and you complain?

Spoiled brat alert. Maybe you should stop wasting so much gas and buy a decent car. From German or Japanese make for instance. Anything that's not American really.

Or better yet, get an electric car.
Is this a joke? I pay $3500 a year in gas if the average gas price is $4.30 a gallon. Can we both agree that's not "nothing". Why would even say such a thing?

Spoiled brat alert? Please tell your joking to think Europe has it right and America has it wrong. Please tell me that you don't really believe that Americans have to suffer at the expensive of rising energy prices when we are surrounded by abundant sources. Just let us do what Americans do best work, learn, create, innovate and invent because its our way of life. We are a nation of innovators because of our freedom.

Electric cars? Are you serious? If there where a demand for them someone would create the market. Where does the energy for these cars come from? Oh thats right, those nasty fossil fuel burners that most on the left likes to demonize. Maybe we should run our cars and homes on wind power and wishes.

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