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I love the idea of fire mission and even more so the idea of rewarding those that fulfill the missions. One thing I did not like in PS1 was that if you wanted to use the one artillery unit in the game you had to work with someone who would then laze a target for you to fire at. I would rather have a command power that lets you mark a target area or tank for fire support. Being able to say to the guys in the air that there is a tank we need blasted to a smoking crater would make my day. The same with artillery.

The other thing I would like to see is the ability to target locations by viewing the map rather than by aiming at the sky. Also the power to see artillery shells in flight on the map would make it better both for eye candy and also so if some one is shelling a spot already then you can target somewhere else. That would need to be restricted to artillery only though since normal players would not really need that kind of info.

If you can target using the map then if a bunch of people start marking that there is a tank or a lot of infantry in an area then you can shell the area and hope you get the kill. The upside to having a commander targeting a location is you can then hit the target exactly. Sticky beacons that you could toss onto a tank or a laser that you could keep aiming and make an artillery shot or missile turn with (ie laser guided) would allow artillery to be very effective.
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