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Re: Help a Brit build his PC!

Originally Posted by Ailos View Post
The i5 3570k and GTX 670 is pretty much a must at that price point regardless of whatever else you order (and obviously, a mobo to suit). But before I dig through sites to give any specific builds, how serious are you about overclocking? By that, I mean: are you interested pushing the 3570 to something like 4.5 GHz (from its stock 3.4) or are you interested in putting it at 5 GHz or above?

I ask because Ivy Bridge is known to run into thermal issues beyond 4.6 GHz, and if you're wanting to push it beyond that, water cooling is a must.
Honestly, if it comes to the extent of needing to buy water cooling i'm not too bothered, i'd probably push it up to the 4.5 mark and leave it there.
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