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Re: Help a Brit build his PC!

well if this game runs like ps1 which if you had 3 gig of ram it ran like a million times better than with less than 3 gig. i'd recommend a ton of ram in your pc. my new bulldozer amd chip has 16 gig of ram atm. running a fatality board and honestly i've never had to reboot it once while running ubuntu or windows....i forget off hand what video card i have atm but i may save up for a better card. i wanna see how the first few days of beta go with this 1gig ati card i have does. it seems to do ok on battlefield 3 so it probably will be able to handle ps2 ..... but ya the amd bulldozers seem solid might not be the most high end but works well for me on bf3. and stack ram and video :P i haven't gone crazy and tried a ssd drive yet but i may try to get one of those as well... it's all speculation though til beta happens just how much of a performance boost any of these things will provide. ssd drives are kinda stupid expensive still imo.
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