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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Originally Posted by The Degenatron View Post
While I agree on the surface that infiltrators make a better canidate for for being a hacker, the problem is that they can be invisible, they're snipers, and they're saboturs already.

From a Backstory / Lore perspective that is a completely different school of training than "computer hacker". You'd expect a guy who's a comuter geek to be small and light, but not "the killer elite" that infiltrators are. The LA falls into that stereotype perfectly.

And from a gameplay POV it works great as well: LAs need additonal skills to make them a more valuable class. Also, yes they are quick jet-packers which gives them parity to the reason why you want an infiltrator to be the hackers: they can sneak in. LAs can take multiple routes to the CPs - routes not easily accessible by other classes. Also, they may not need to be escorted per se, but they do need to be guarded while hacking.

If you stop the knee-jerk "infiltrators should be hackers" reaction, you might find LAs make good sense as hackers.
LAs, from a design standpoint, are more like shock troops and guerrilla fighters than hackers. From what I understand, the're outfitted with assault weapons and explosives; a combat class designed for flanking enemies and softening hardpoints. They should be hopping walls, flanking forces, killing vehicles with placed explosives and hitting targets of opportunity where they're weak, not in CPs hacking or any other kind of saboteur work. As you said, that's infiltrators job. The truth is that LAs are already one of the more versatile classes in the game.

Originally Posted by Femtobyte View Post
Any unit besides a MAX can already "hack" capture points, Is it possible that any unit can hack other things like turrets, (besides MAX's ofc) if they cert into it?
I think only infiltrators can hack turrets and other saboteur targets currently. I wouldn't mind seeing all infantry be able to cert to hack faster, though.
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