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Of course its frustrating to be killed by, same applies to a bomber, a sniper, a drop pod. Death isn't supposed to be enjoyable. Artillery would make both the defenders and the offense think twice how they position themselves.
Except when you're killed by a sniper or a bomber, you can think of things you can improve:
"Oh, I didn't check that hilltop and the sniper headshotted me." or "I didn't look up and didn't hear the bomber engine, so I didn't run to cover in time."

When artillery kills you you think "I walked outside and instantly died because of artillery spam... I guess I just have to play inside from here out." It's a very different kind of frustrating, because it denies you the opportunity to fight back, particularly against a larger force.

To put it in a practical gameplay perspective:
Defenders shouldn't have to abandon exterior defenses due to indirect fire. On the same note, they shouldn't be forced to leave that base and spawn in another in order to counter that indirect fire. "Strategic" though it may be, it ruins defensive games... particularly the most epic fights with 3v1 or worse odds.
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