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Re: The worst pc games you've ever played?

Originally Posted by Zulthus View Post
The Mass Effect series was amazing and the ending was fine... it's all damn bandwagon hate. "Hey, that ending was pretty goo... oh, what? You guys didn't like it? YEAH ME NEITHER! IT SUCKZ!" I've never seen so much bitching over a ending in a VIDEO GAME. But the fact that you call it an utter joke of a game because of the space bar is laughable.

But yes, Ubisoft fucked up Splinter Cell and Global Agenda is a pretty bad game imo.
But the ending was shit!
I remmember finishing the third game...and I was speechless,
not because it was good but because it was confusing and stood against the game's logic.
Bioware just need to admit they phucked it up.
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