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Originally Posted by IDukeNukeml View Post
First off Congrats on the job bro, it must be like a dream come true

Secondly, most importantly... If you see something that is wrong, speak up about it. I'm not gonna drunken duke post you, but yeah... For SOE to hire someone that is from the community (even though clearly qualified) to help design the meta-game; Well this is indeed a glorious day for All planetside players new and old alike. Kudos to you sir!

PS: Tell those bastards to add my weather effects!
Thanks! And yep, dream come true! Not an easy move though, I really love Washington and my Seahawks. Not going to be a Chargers fan over this. But they're not in the same division or even the same conference so I don't have to hate them either.

From what I've learned of the dev team they have a lot of great ideas and discussions about things. Everyone I've met is awesome. If you look back at all that's changed over the past few months since tech test it's very obvious that they see what's wrong, and they listen to the feedback of the community. Matt's twitch streams of the design meetings showcase that too. The people being awesome are one of the big reasons I wanted to join. Those going to SOE Live are going to get to see that first hand.

I'm a fan of weather too. Like the day-night cycle it's another way to make the same content different every time you fight there. Keeps the game fresh, and it can add a whole new layer of strategy from simple fire fights to continental strategy. Smed had it listed on his blog of things they were looking at for post-launch, so don't think you have to do much drunken Dukes for that one! Its the perfect thing to show off with ForgeLight.
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