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Re: Loyalty promotion not granted to recent customers?

Originally Posted by hypeiv View Post
most people are not upset b/c others are getting something free, they are mad b/c what they pay for is being diminished b/c they no longer have the queue priority they paid for. It would be like buying a cable package and then a month later they give it away free for a month, but remove ESPN b/c too many people are now in the system. I agreed to pay $15 a month for all the perks of membership, but now I don't get one of them for a month.
Well, you do still get queue priority. There's just more people in line. It's like going to your favorite theme park with fewer in attendance but the park gave all past customer's of the park a free pass for a month (and only that month). But, I see what the complaining is about. But don't complain too hard, what's so bad about having more people in-game to play against? This is a pure PvP game. You want more people to play with/against. I suppose if server is full that could be an issue though. We need more continents if that's the case...
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