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Re: DCU and PS2 going to PS4

I was honestly going to say, "I don't see how games get directly dumbed-down, mechanics-wise, when it comes to Console vs. PC."

Then I realized about PC. We have games like Tribes and League of Legends. These games simply would not work on a console. Period. Sure, they would be technically supported, but the finer game mechanics are simply not supported by a gamepad. If you argue that they are, then you just... don't understand Tribes.
I'm going flatline ****** on that one. No one would even bother with Tribes if it was on consoles. Same with LoL.

But, honestly, I believe the metagame--our biggest problem with PlanetSide 2--simply won't be affected by any new game development in the direction of catering to consoles. We already have a game that mechanically supports consoles, and this is good for PlanetSide 2's new platform. Even the original PlanetSide would have had no issues being played on a console; add in a few context buttons and it's all good.

With the PS4 probably [almost definitely] supporting mouse and keyboard, I am almost entirely sure that PS2 will not be dumbed down even if SOE decides to cater to the console audience. My only stigma is that I hope there is no console-exclusive content, and no PC-exclusive content.

I also hope for cross-platform play, so we can be sure that the PS4 players will not be perceiving different mechanics than the PC players, so that future development & content--the lifeblood of F2P games--will not cause imbalances by trying to fix imbalances that were not actually there.

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