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Re: DCU and PS2 going to PS4

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
It's a disaster -- for the sense of community that goes back a decade; for the dead certainty of dwindling PC support; for the old outfits that won't be able to make the transition from one platform to another; for those of us that would like to but will face the specter of hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours of gameplay going into the trash bin, or for the starving-college demographic that simply can't afford four hundred bucks on a new box so they can play their favorite game in good company with decent pops.

It's a rupture within the community similar to what we faced when European players would have been unable to access US servers. We made enough noise to change that. We need to do the same now.
That seems a bit much. They're porting PS2 to the PS4 not canceling PS2 for the PC. No one is forcing anyone to play on the PS4 and if there ends up being more people playing on the console than the what? That just means that there are more console players than PC.
Most anyone playing on the PC will continue to play on the PC while new players can enjoy it on the console. If the entirety of my outfit goes and starts playing exclusively on the console then I'll find another outfit, if the entirety of my server goes over to the console then I'll find another server.

Geolocking servers was/is a terrible idea. Platform locking the servers...not so much.

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