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Originally Posted by Crator View Post
I thought we already stated those reasons, no?
Glad we agree.

Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
...because they were useful, along with mines, to defend the AMS and create zones to slow the enemy down so you have a chance to respond to an attack.
Well the AMS had a cloaking field that encouraged people to get closer to it before firing. The sunderer however can be shot on from 5 times the distance any automated turret can shoot.

Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
That's not defense, it's Frontal Assault without moving forward.
One of the biggest parts of an assault is moving forward. Where standing ground and holding back the enemy is defending whether your a person or a turret.

Originally Posted by Buggsy View Post
You wouldn't know what tactics are.
Dumb baseless assumptions like that show it's you that has trouble when it comes to knowing things.
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