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Btw, one of my favourite tactics to take out enemy tanks was seeing where an enemy tank entered the battle. Then going there and lay mines. Why? The tank already passed, right? What possible use would there to be to lay mines there?

Well. The tank is likely to leave the battle through the same route it entered it, knowing there were no mines there before. However, since a battlefield is large, one mine, two mines or three mines simply aren't enough to cover the variety of options. As such, you knew approximately where a tank might return, but not exactly and thus needed to cover an area of around 20meters in width with mines. Just to take out ONE tank. Handing out one to three mines per player is therefore utterly stupid: they'll never be able to lay a proper minefield. The only reason a minefield works is because you have a high density of explosives in an area of which you don't know where exactly an enemy will move in. Mines (and turrets) being "Dumb Fire", can only work because of quantity over quality. No quantity? Don't even bother. Do you see people bother with mines right now?

Currently, there isn't even enough to close off a quarter to half a valley width in PS2, let alone enough to stop a tank brigade advancing or even slow them down.

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