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Ah I didn't consider the other benefits attached, even if 120fps seems a little overkill considering the eye perceives movement at around 30fps. I was actually considering getting some Razer gear to go with the computer, but I've heard mixed reviews, I have friends who swear by Razer and friends who have nothing but hatred for the products. What peripherals and Manufacturers do you recommend?
Uh oh.

Firstly, never get anything sound-related from any gaming company. The only exception is ASUS sound cards.

For keyboards, I'm a mech-head, so I'd suggest companies like Filco, Leopold, Ducky, Noppoo, KBT, WASD (a company called WASD) keyboards etc.

However, if you like the idea of TKL (no numpad), the best deal going is actually a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid. Avoid the Pro though and avoid the Trigger. Also avoid the Razer Blackwidow and the Corsair mechanicals. Rosewill's will be decent, but apparently the connector can be dodgy, so you might want to avoid it if you constantly replug your keyboard.

You'll also want to learn about the different types of switches (Cherry red vs cherry blue and such). Visit Geekhack for your proper keyboard needs. They'll set you straight.

Mouse-wise I could make suggestions, but I'd suggest asking these guys. I could throw out some names, but there's so many variables that even the highest regarded mice could be completely wrong for you (some will even be good at certain DPI and bad at others).

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