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Re: Help a Brit build his PC!

The other monitor option unless it changed may be when the new eLCDs come out but that may be years. Or did they cancel that? I'm assuming those will solve every issues with haveing to run anything like 120hz by actually running at everything in general higher. I just wish they had done that for the past 10 years with LCD and everything else. I hate how cheap they make everything... 8( they could put so much more into everything if they wanted to.

I don't have much experience with mouses. but I have a cheap 24 dollar Gear head wireless that is nice. But it only has 2 extra buttons for basically web surfing(back and forward functions on web pages. but it's nice. I use rechargeable batteries with it. I'm guessing not enough buttons for more convenient gaming stuff unless that is not an issue. It's kind of small though.

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