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Exclamation Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

Originally Posted by HereticusXZ View Post
What's the point of other vehicles when the Sunderer is the end all do all vehicle? Most health, heaviest armor, Basilisks are terrifying when upgraded, AMS, Gate Shield Diffuser, etc and NOW it's getting a ANT?

The Sunderer' just getting dumb now...
The Sunderer is supposed to be able to do a lot of things. It's the workhorse that drives the Empires.

If anything I'd be a little upset if they didn't make the Sunderer the vehicle that enables resource delivery. Why make it a specialist vehicle that would exclude newer players, when you could cert into a variant of the existing utility vehicle?

There's nothing wrong with a vehicle being able to do a lot of things. The only problem comes when that vehicle can do a number of those things at once.

The Sunderer should be able to do AMS, ANT, Diffuser, AA, repair, ammo, support and any number of other things. But crucially it shouldn't be able to do multiple roles at once. Right now it absolutely fits that definition, so I don't see any reason why you couldn't have an ANT function.

I'd love to see the Galaxy get even close to the same versatility of the Sunderer. I don't necessarily think the Galaxy should be a part of the ANT system (although the ability to air drop resources into a cut-off base is an appealing one, but it needs to be able to be certed to do a variety of rolls.

Right now it's a one-way ticket into fire. It shouldn't be that way.
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