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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH


I'm sure you're right you won't be able to combine AMS and ANT I didn't say otherwise - maybe when I put ANT/AMS you misread it and not as an alternative. No hard to grasp concepts beyond that of reading.

I was trying to put the point across of increasing the risk/reward for the choices made on the sunderer e.g (equipped with AMS or ANT) I can only seat 5; however if I run my support or battle sunderer (equipped with GSD or similar) I have maximum capacity etc. as well as maybe a dynamic resource cost increasing the "value" that the various utilities equipped hold.
If one random pulls the AMS and drives off - you're right it makes near no difference currently; however down the road (and this is speculating/borderline utopian player base I admit) once continental lattice comes in people are not just spamming S-AMS's where the risk and reward side encourages (but doesn't force) people to look and think about things that are rolling off the vehicle pad to get people to the next place because there will be a greater pop per continent (hopefully).

TL: dr It boils down to the risk/reward aspect not one specific limit of "must have x seats locked" and so forth. There's "does the job" and there's "does the job better" - currently it's "does the job equally well with little thought required outside the box".

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