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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

Ammo and Repair are Defense slot options. AMS is Utility slot. If the ANT goes to Utility that means you can't have AMS but you can still have either Ammo or Repair.

Sunderer is the ONLY support vehicle in the game, everything else is strictly speaking offensive or defensive. 13 vehicles in the game and only 1 support?

Galaxy and Flash exist only to taxi players and minor offensive options between Wraith module and battle gal.

Liberator, ESF, MBT, and Harasser all exist almost exclusively as offensive options.

Lightning between a HEAT, AP, or HE cannon is used offensively, or Skyguard defensively.

Situations vary from player to player pending the environment there in and the individual playstyle but the fact remains that the Sunderer is the only vehicle in the game that carries a mobile spawn, repairs allies, supply's allies, and can gate shield diffuser or blockade as a battle-sundy.

With the Sunderer being the end all beat all do everything vehicle, shouldn't there be more support vehicles added to balance this grossly giant number of offensive vehicles? Such as making the ANT it's own unique vehicle, there's plenty of appeal with the siege mechanic it has!
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