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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

I need to comment on the Sunderer do all situation. I played planetside 1, and I really like the variety of vehicles, if only for new and exciting things to kill. My only complaint about an ANT sunderer, is that it will take exactly the same amount of effort to kill as any other. Perhaps this is not an overly bad thing, I will have to see on PST.

However since we are bringing back ant functionality, I have a suggestion. Individual Nanite resource pool for vehicles, perhaps even infantry. "But Ogre, are you insane, or what does this even mean?!" I am super glad you asked. At a minimum, vehicles that repair/ resupply should have a bar of "nanites" and as they distribute out their ammo, repairs, AMS respawns, etc, it is depleted. An ANT could refuel this, or you could wander back to a warpgate or whatever point is implemented. Medics and Engineers could run out of nanites to repair and heal and have to backtrack for supplies. The infantry side should be a slower drain, and able to refuel at hacked terminals.

A sub idea is to cut the number of ammo towers, or remove them all together. This par is ignorable but the implications are worth a discussion.

What does this force? the meta. resources. Supply lines. Sure you can zerg, but you cant zerg forever without some logistics, the further you get the more work it takes. Simply parking your ammo sunderer, or repair vehicle, or hiding an AMS, wont last forever. Perhaps for 3-10 minutes at full draw, but you are gonna need ANT support. The time is adjustable to taste, just my own ideas there.

From there we bring in galaxies as a true counterpart in utility. Instead of a whole new airframe, we get a utility module that is something like "mag (magnetic) crane" It would simply allow a galaxy to hover low over a vehicle and pick it up. different tiers for different vehicles. Carried underneath it externally.

Another module could be a cargo bay, land, vehicles drive up and in. I know I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but really. Just a patch dedicated to adding logistics to the game would be greater then any new vehicle or weapon.
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