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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
To finish this one up. You guys, as a community, are really unorganized. You need to get together here, pile up a list of concise questions to ask the devs at the next AMA, and make that happen. "hey how will a sunderer ANT work? Will it have weapons? blah blah blah" instead I see complaints with no solutions offered, no further thought put into them.
Originally Posted by Bobby Shaftoe View Post
The vast majority of people who would bother to put the effort into that have long since stopped playing or bothering... because SOE didn't listen to them anyway and will do their usual stumble along making the mistakes pointed out here months in advance.

PS2 won't change significantly because of SOEs design decisions from the start, tacking on random PS1 mechanics won't work because there is no inter-relation between the mechanics for them to work/be useful/have a real impact anyway.
You see Orge, a large number of us did this kind of critical thinking WAY back in Beta, in fact...

Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
about the Ant sunderer, and planetside in general. I personally feel the game is still very much a paid beta. I enjoy the product enough that I am happy to give SOE my monthly fee. The game has to have cashflow to get better, so whatever. I got the money to burn, not everyone does.

I suspect the future modules will dramatically change how a sunderer looks/ feels. I imagine it looking like a short Semi Truck with an empty bed. What you slap on the back changes what you can do with it. Crew compartment? Get guns. Ant module? Get energy. Respawn AMS? Get a cloak unit. The sunderer will probably go on to have a dedicated two man crew cab up front.
You're suggestion was one of the first threads I made here...

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Says me!

I had a good discussion with Kevmo about it a few months ago, we agreed that the ANT made sense as a Sunderer mod and not a standalone vehicle. The reasons are:

1) It adds more value to the Sundy, so all the players who certed one up and have weapons and cosmetics will get more mileage out of their investments. It's essentially a support vehicle, so giving the support vehicle more value made more sense than creating a new support vehicle.

2) The ANT as a standalone vehicle wasn't compelling enough to warrant a new vehicle. If we're going to make it, it needs to be more interesting than just a power transport vehicle, and that feature-creeps it a lot more than is reasonable.

3) We have already created the Sundy as a utility vehicle by putting the AMS module, the repair module, and the rearm module. It makes sense to add to that for other support utility functionality.

And yes, I would like to see some significant cosmetic differences so you can easily differentiate an ANT sundy from an AMS sundy, as well as the difference between a full ANT and an empty ANT. Don't know how far it'll get, but that's the goal.
But Malorn, not only does the Sunderer already do practically everything, adding MORE features are just going to devalue the ones it already has!

Assuming the ANT Tank is going to be a Utility Slot, it's going to compete with AMS and maybe the Gate Shield Diffuser, while further marginalizing the Smoke Screen, Proximity Radar, and Fire Suppression System options.

Now I like that, like the Harrasser, the Sunderer is a rather beastly combat machine when properly crewed, but if it's the go to vehicle for EVERYTHING in the game you are going to create nothing but Sunderer spam.
ANT's not having weapons is there defining Tactical flaw, they either need to avoid detection or depend on the rest of their Faction for protection.

While it would be awesome if you could overhauled the entire vehicle load out system to be more than three poorly implemented Slots, I doubt you guys have the resources or time to do so.

So here is my idea...

You use your current Sunderer ANT model, but tweek it so that it is a stand alone vehicle.
No weapons, seats two, but can use all the cosmetics that the Sunderer can and MAYBE has a bit better handling.
BAM! "New" vehicle!
It's not a perfect solution, but...
Originally Posted by Carbon Copied View Post
  • Seats 12 no matter what utility you put on it - wheres the logistic management, deeper customization and risk/reward of that? If I chose to AMS/ANT my sunderer (as example), shouldn't there be sacrifices to accommodate this and create the "you pull an S-AMS and I'll pull the escort Sunderer?" decision/thinking - the fact it can defend itself and essentially not rely on third party support I believe is what makes it considerably more boring in the first place.
It does provide deeper metagame options due to forced diversity.
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