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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
While I'll take what I can get, I have a suggestion to our benevolent overlords. If an ant were to be created, perhaps a community sourced model would be cool. Something along the lines of "if you guys want it so bad, make it yourself." Multiple rounds of creation, where the best models out of a bunch are picked and then put up for refinement. Mightbecool.
While Community outsourcing is a great way to free up developer resources, this is going to require more than just a model...

You've got animation, programming, sound design, on top of system integration, all which can be a mess even if you are doing it in-house.

Originally Posted by Calisai View Post
Please consider making a smaller ANT module for the Harasser (that takes the place of the Rumble seat & possibly gunner as well). Even if it's a smaller capacity... the Harasser is just plain fun to drive... making ANT runs be much more enjoyable.

I think a High-capacity, higher damage soaking, slower moving Sundy ANT, combined with a small-capacity, low damage soaking, but very fast Harasser ANT may make for some interesting play.

...I'd personally want to see an Airborne ANT as well.
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