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EU VS/NC - Looking for large Outfit

I'm looking for a large outfit to help me get more out of PS2, I have odd play times, so I'm not expecting anything too serious, just a large group of players that can work as a team, play the objective and have some fun and maybe help me learn some of the less obvious stuff that I don't know.

I'm 32 from the UK and pretty much exclusively prefer team based multiplayer to anything else.

I also have a BR 16 NC on Woodman and a BR 6 VS on Miller.

Not much time invested in either, so I'm happy to reroll on a new server. Really don't like the look of TR or their ethos, NC and VS both have bits I like so would rather be more flexible in the hope of finding a nice outfit for my needs.

I mostly prefer playing support roles, medic/engi although infiltrator can be fun to drop motion sensors and take down enemy snipers.

Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can suggest some outfits that would be suitable.
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