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Re: EU VS/NC - Looking for large Outfit


I am Nerfav, from the MB1 outfit on Cobalt. We are the largest NC outfit on this server, so we don't expect a high level from our members, though it's rewarded by the "commando" rank.

We are regularly organizing events (3 per weeks), open platoon (nearly always), tactical squads (around once every 2 days).

If you want to invest some time on Planetside 2, you can join us on our teamspeak (I don't want to put the IP on this site, check the link below), become squad leader (squad = 12 players), platoon leader (platoon = 48 players) or, why not, even outfit leader. Of course, you have to meet the requirements.

To be invited, just ask to any MB1 member, it's an open outfit, every member can send invitations.

All the information is here :
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