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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Your setup is 3 major areas of gameplay all in one with no disadvantages. A good game design gives you meaningful choices with trade offs and because you can't do everything you can make everything more powerful and more fun - putting more depth into each skillset.
I wouldn't say "no disadvantages" exactly. Less ammo, no vehicles, ect. Having three major set ups just means you are a little more flexible. PS1 allowed you to use other certs if you wanted to, but you couldn't have all of the certs.

Now, contrast that with the class system... Not only can you be anything you want with the click of an equipment terminal, but your main class is up to 20% stronger, faster, or tougher. How is that an improvement? If you think that those that have been playing for a while have an advantage now, then given how they describe it, the class system will be worse.
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