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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Yeah I see what your saying.

The problem is back in PS1 I felt if I didn't choose the HA/Med/Engy/Mossie/AV etc then I wasn't a) useful enough unless I was REALLY good at something or b) going to have much fun because everyone else seemed to choose that so everyone was the same (or was a MAX).

I see the limiting of capability a way to 'solve' that problem by breaking things up.
Never did that to me. I never felt pressured to fill that role. I am a tank driver mainly. But my loadout allows me to assist outside of the tank as well. I am a tank driver/medic/engineer/hacker. These are all support roles. Could I get HA? Sure. But that would mean that I would have considerable less inventory space because of that damned gun. And thus I would have to lose either Ammo, ability, or I am unable to drive my tank.
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