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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Its not so much pressure to fill the role, just that is like a constant reminder that you arn't playing the game 'correctly' because your not getting the best KPM or KDR or whatever (and dieing a lot more than others - but that might just be because I suck -_-).
Never really pressured that way either. Can there be balance? Yes. HA can be more expensive in my opinion. Improvements? Of course. But it just looks to me like the Class system is going to make everything you guys complain about, worse.

I don't see the support stuff as meaning as much or meaning MORE since it isn't as common. So for me it comes down to guns. Having the ability with one loadout (PS1 example) to shoot infantry, MAXs, ground vehicles and air vehicles all in one loadout and all at optimum rate is bad design.
Define optimum. Because you aren't doing it at an "optimum rate." You need a lot of inventory space for all that. And at the time, Rexo made it even more expensive to run. You could do that, but at the failing of support roles. Meaning you had to depend on others, or die frequently. That isn't "optimum" in my opinion.
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