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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
Wait... I'm expected to drive AND gun for my tank simultaneously? This is news to me.

'Course, we're also assuming in PS2 I can bring some form of repair tool for my tank. Haven't yet seen any definitive evidence of a "pilot" class (or any class for that matter) yet, just mention of certs that help work a tank.

I'm looking forward to the class system. I'm looking forward to people needing to choose between their HA that fires mini-nukes or healing themselves and turning into unstoppable killing machines... with assault rifles. For the record, I'll be the guy with the medical applicator, probably with certs to buff your HP and reload speed too. That's another potential perk of the system that would be way OP if one guy could do it all.

Teamwork is NOT "hey, can I get a ride to the next battle?" That's hitch-hiking.
I really don't see why I can't have a shitty medapp while you get a bitching medapp. You do realize I'm not an unstoppable killing machine because I can't heal incombat, right? Right?!??!

I guess you haven't played planetside since you don't know what the lightning is.
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