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Re: My main concern about the class system

The cert system in Planetside 1 was great, as long as there were limits on the maximum amount of certs you could have.

I'm wondering now, if the class system will have any maximum limits at all, besides just the time it takes to train the different skills. I'm hoping that there will be some kind of absolute limit so you could, for example max out two or three classes, or generalize in a few classes. If you wanted to switch classes you would start training them, and another class would start untraining. The class system so far (What we know about it of course) still sounds like we'll eventually have super soldiers who can do anything, except this time around they'll need access to an equipment terminal to do it.

I'm in support of any combinations you could want, even HA/med/eng as long as that's all you're limited to.
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