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Re: New single person mechs designed from scratch for PS2

I guess it's hard to explain that this would be similar to a ground based reaver. The reaver is a single person vehicle (and will be in the new Planetside 2) that has machine guns on it's primary weapon slot and rockets on its secondary. It will feature a huge upgrade skill-tree that I imagine many reaver pilots will enjoy.

The intention was to make a ground based version of it. When people suggest stuff like "nah make it uber powerful 3 man tank" that's not the idea at all. I want a simple mech that's fully balanced into the game. A reaver that catches one in the open would basically be at an even footing with a slight advantage probably. (Unless the mech is set up with like AA secondary rockets then it might stand a chance).

Also as Vancha pointed out if you don't like mechs it would be appreciated if you explain why. Saying stuff like "oh you mean a BFR" kind of shows you missed the idea of the thread or you're a reaver user that likes being the only thing that can zip around the map and kill both vehicles and infantry.
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