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Lattice is a great idea for this kind of a game and it needs it. However, the maps, bases, etc, are far from even being ready to accept that lattice system. The lattice system on the Nexus island crap is how it should be, not like how it is right now. They needed to make the continents with lattice in mind. Until they completely redo the continents to flow with the lattice, it will never work.
The lattice introduction into PS2 was the only way to make the fight go places. The hex system is far superior and more flexible. Think about the "influence" factor in having surrounding territories "assisting" with the defense of a base. The supply lines that would logically be there, not forced by a lattice line. The hex system allows for a much more dynamic land control system so you can actually cut supply lines by taking all the hexes surrounding a base or hex with a high value resource. But without more continents and intercontinental connectivity it simply doesn't work.

Consider this on a single continent you simply had 3 "frontlines" (TR/NC, TR/VS, NC/VS) and a couple spots in the center that were a free for all. The bases close to the warpgates were not fought at. The only contested land was in the center. The lattice forced you to go from one place and they tried to structure it so that you could fight more places before you worked yourself in a circle, but it's boring on a single continent. PS1 has what 12 conts with 3 connections each? And cont locking and base bonuses, etc. The PS2 lattice system reduces complexity and strategy as it's still limited to a single continent.

To be on topic, the problems with the game aren't addressed or repaired by the WDS, they're actually exposed more. Why would you want to advertize your shortcomings?
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