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Originally Posted by Huma View Post
Basically we're willing to make sacrifices to be able to carry a slightly better gun, have a little armor, and carry a little more gear. I figure this is a good optional armor that fulfills what a lot of cloakers have asked for without trying to get a cloaked rifleman running around.
In my outfit I have a very specific role and they rely on me to be there for that role. Sometimes though that role is moot due to how intense the base fights get so I end up running behind them and doing what I can to contribute. I can drop more certs into grunt but I dont like doing grunt work and would rather spec more support skills.
I don't anticipate this being a front lime armor bit it gives cloakers more to work with and still allows them to do their jobs in a heavy fight.
You are making no sense at all. How is having a crappy armor and gun with being immune to radar, but visible like a cloaker? Its stupid. You are just fodder in a base. Either gear up properly for the assault or go elsewhere. Don't whine that you cannot partake due to your cert selection. I want to put a lot of certs into tanks. Can I please get a mini tank to bring in doors and rape everyone then, since I can't bring regular tanks in?

I do not see how this helps really in spec ops either. When I am running around do back line stuff it is normally in empty bases, so I do not worry about radar or being invisible. How is being visible with that kind of set you are describing going to help when you run into a heavy grunt in even a lowly populated base? At least you can runaway with you are cloaked possibly.

Huma I do not think you see the big picture. There is a unlimited amount of certs the only limit is your BR and the time you put into the game. You will not be limited to 20 cert points and not be able to have a basic grunt load while being a total cloaker. Taking maybe a week (probably far less due to the 1000s of certs) to train a basic grunt out of years of playing as a cloaker is not a huge time investment most likely in PS2.

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