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Tell you what let me break it down for you:
Currently one of the toughest bases to take is an interlinked base. It shows everyone on radar and effectively neuters cloakers. We can still do our thing but it 10x more difficult. A suit like this does provide minimal protection but it offers a special nich for cloakers to fill in base fights.
By not showing up on radar and still being able to move quickly this suit allows someone to move about a base without the interlink, mossie, or motion sensors lighting them up. This allows them to hit enemies holed up in an area without warning and quickly fall back before the enemy can respond. Why is this useful? Shock tactics. If the enemy isn't sure where someone is going to hit them from it causes them overreact. If they chase the infil they risk running into an ambush. If they stay put they are going to get hit again.
At the same time cloakers would still have all their regular abilities so they could continue to perform the role. For the record anyone who says agile is weak indoors hasn't run into a good ha/sweeper or a coordinated team. Their just as effective and their mobility makes up for the lighter armor.
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