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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
So the problem you are attempting to solve is Interfarms?
No, look what I'm suggesting is a way to give cloakers a little more flexibility with regards to situations where cloaking isn't a viable option. Something like this would only give infiltrators another way to contribute to a fight. They retain a certain amount of their sneakiness while not infringing on OP grounds or stepping on the toes of the grunts. You still get to wtfpwn them when you catch them but they get a little more fire power and armor.
Believe me I'm no lazy cloaker. But if I wanted to be a grunt i'd play a grunt. Same as I wouldn't expect you to have to spec cloaker to retain viability in a fight. In the end cloakers are infantry just like grunts are. It only make sense that they have options to retain their viability in their infantry role without having to ditch infiltrator.
And yes we're going to have a lot of options that we can train into. But I know I won't be training in anything other than infiltrator, leader, or medic. I know I'm not good at grunting and I damn sure don't want to be stuck in a vehicle.
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