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First you're still relying too heavily on PLANETSIDE information. In PLANETSIDE 2 we have no idea how many weapons, armor points, tools, or abilities you'll have as a cloaker.

Second you keep saying you need these things because of your role. Your current role, doesn't become a viable option in heavy fights.

That's the role you choose when you spawned. You're all ready talking about a suit that doesn't cloak, so it's not like you can switch from a stealthy cloaker to a more armored now can't-turn-invisible guy with a rifle, you have to go to a terminal or die to get another load out.

So why would you want this thing you're proposing, and not something like switching to the "Grunt Class"

*It would have the same, but probably better firepower then you are mentioning.

*Just as much or more armor

*Since it's another class you'll probably have access to a whole different set of skills that are designed to improve that style "Grunt Class" of gameplay.

Plus you can add something as simple as an implant like Sensor Shield to prevent the interfarm and use "shock tactics"

Once you die, or the action fades away, you can switch back to Cloaker.

In the end it comes down to US NEEDING MORE INFORMATION! All we've had so far is Teasers, not many details.
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