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Are we talking about balanced in regards to one another, or just in general?

If in general, then i suppose they're alright, since they cost a hefty 4 points.

In regards to one another, I believe the JH is more powerful than the other HA. While lasher has a faster TTK (and a very fast RoF), and can kill in 3-4 shots, its projectiles move pretty slow, so misses are plentiful (has a BIG CoF, but not as big as MCG), unless the enemy runs straight for you. However, its lashing ability ensures that no shot is wasted, although the lash does very minor damage. Also, its cone of fire is painfully large and it has very strong recoil. This is the best one of the bunch to use against infiltrators when you dont have DL (spray and pray).

MCG, i believe, has the fastest TTK, along with a neverending clip, but its spread is very wide (I believe the worst CoF), even when crouched. Even so, MCG theoretically has the best range, as it can almost hold its own in the MA ranges. Its CoF bloom is better than it used to be.

JH's CoF is smaller than the others' even though it does not use the traditional CoF system. Crouching, standing, walking, jumping, flying, or what have you now, its pellet spread remains the same, the way it should be. The only problem, a JH user can bunny hop and still hit you every time. However, its spread worsens as distance increases, eventually leading to near zero damage at ranges of over 30m or so. Counter-however, anything within those 30m is easy game for a Jack. The jack (and all other shotgun weapons) have projectiles that have instantaneous velocity, so no leading is required. Point at the enemy, click while they're still in the reticule, and enjoy the little amber circle. So while more shots may be necessary, as long as one can aim, the opponent is going down. Also, the jackhammer has the worst RoF of the three, but even so it's not that bad when compared to a sweeper, and to top it off, it has a secondary mode that fires three shots in quick succession, potentially downing a foe with a single click.

So to sum it up, all the HA have their pros and their cons, but JH has best mix of damage and ease to use.
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