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Common missconception= Shotgun weapons are insta-hit.

The pellets do have velocity, but this is not visible because they do lack tracers(something of an advangage). The main reason that they apear to have intsa-hit is because if you shoot at someone in the crosshair, the chances are that they won't be moveing fast enough to miss the entire spread of pellets(the basis of the combat shotgun). This results in a hit, damage registered, and a pretty amber circle. At the ranges a shotgun is used, most weapons are near-insta hit.

Note: The above stated is based primaraly on knowledge on the general workings of the game. All other weapons have travel time, and there seems little reason for shotguns to be an exception. The only reason I assume for shotguns not haveing tracers is because shotguns dont fire tracer rounds and that grafic would be another thing for your computer to draw. I will repeal the above statement if I hear differently from a developer.
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